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In progress:  A web exhibition of "G.I. Ginori,"  Allied military and naval unit ash trays commissioned after the Second World War invasion of Italy and the occupation that began in 1943.  As yet uncatalogued and still poorly documented, these lots comprise a fine  market of undervalued collectibles.

G.I. Ginori    

This undocumented Ginori ashtray commemorates the 41st Air (or Administrative) Services Group, probably attached to an American unit of the Allied Tactical Air Forces at the right.  The market value is about $15.00 or $20.00.
Ginori produced this ash tray as a souvenir for personnel of the Allied Tactical Air Forces in Italy toward the close of the Second World War. The roundels represent the national insignia of the First  Brazilian Fighter Squadron, Second Free French Air Corps, Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana, British First Tactical Air Force (formerly the Desert Air Force), the Free Greek Air Force, and the Twelfth U.S. Air Force. Ginori appears to have produced far more of the TAF ash trays than it did for other Allied military units in Italy. Market prices have varied between $12.00 and $50.00. Note: Dealers often misidentify this ash tray as a souvenir of the "Third Air Force" and even the "Turkish Air Force."